Tiny Tots



A ballet & tap combo class for dancers ages 3-5.  Your Tiny Tot will be introduced to the beginning techniques of each style through creative movement and self discovery. (45 min)





A jazz & hip hop combo class for dancers ages 4-6.  Ruffles dancers will learn musicality, rhythm, and jazz and hip hop styles. All while dancing nonstop in an exciting, high-energy class. (45 min)


Beginner Jazz


An introduction of Jazz, students will build the basics of jazz technique and learn various styles in this genre.  Dancers will focus on beginner-level skills and strength, while they gain an understanding of transitions and musicality.


Intermediate Tumbling



Developing strength and skill building for beginning and intermediate tumblers. Students will learn and expand the core tumbling techniques, and blend these with a dance atmosphere learning rhythm and control.


Advanced Contemporary



Contemporary dance is ever-evolving, so this class dedicated to educating students on it's various forms is no different. Dancers will work on transitions, intent, and dynamics at an advanced level in their movement and technical skills.  *Registration in ballet is required for this class



Mon – Sun: 7p


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